Manufacturing Capabilities

MECh Engineers has plant & machinery dedicated to manufacturing of various custom build equipment by use of corrosion-resistant alloys in the chemical, oil & gas, processing and power generation industries.

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Design and Development of Projects

MECh Engineers design according to international standards and also have licence softwares and systems to design & develop customized projects.

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Metallurgy and Welding Engineering

MECh Engineers has welding facilities, our welders and operators are qualified as per ASME SEC-IX and Indian Boiler Regulations and metallurgies worked include Stainless Steels, Nickel & Alloys, Carbon Steels, Cladded Plates, Titanium.

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Quality Assurance

The highest quality and reliability are central emphasis of our company. Worldwide certifications underscore this high-quality level.

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We provide installation services for new projects pertaining to long products i.e. columns or skid assemblies manufactured by us. Our team is well versed with the installation of all own products and if need arises also assist in the installation of products not designed and supplied by us.

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