Metallurgy and Welding Engineering

Metallurgies worked with include

  1. Stainless Steels – All 300 - 400 series, Duplex, Alloy 904L, 3CR12
  2. Nickel & Alloys – Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Incoloy & Alloy-20
  3. Carbon Steels including NACE & HIC Testing
  4. Cladded Plates S.S. /C.S., Ni/C.S.
  5. Titanium

Welding Engineering include

  1. Process qualified SMAW, SAW, GTAW, GMAW, Multiprocess Welding, Corrosion Protection Overlays, and Tube to Tubesheet Welding & Expansion
  2. Welders & Operators qualified as per ASME SEC-IX / Indian Boiler Regulations/ Other
  3. Our continuous improvement in welding technology has enables us to develop hundreds of welding procedures as per international code.
  4. High productivity mechanized welding set-up available
  5. Dedicated & experienced manufacturing & welding team specialized for corrosion resistance metals

Welding Facilities include

  1. Various Calibrated Welding Machines/ Rectifiers
  2. Welding Column Boom Manipulators
  3. Job rotators over 6.5-meter diameter & 250MT
  4. Drying & Backing ovens for dehumidification of consumables
  5. Potable ovens to handover electrodes in shop